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Online Training Program Frequently Asked Questions
What sets Lawwave's Online Training Program apart from other training programs?
Lawwave’s unique training methodology has proven to be the best in the industry and has been effective in placing more than 300 trainees in various reputed LPO’s and law firms within a short span of two years. Please see below the list of companies where the trainees have been placed.
Would I require any special infrastructure at home to undertake the Program?
To attend the program, you will need a personal computer (PC) or a laptop with a P3, 256 MB minimum  configuration, and broadband landline connection of 256 kbps, in order to work with our online tool. For a demo, email us at training@lawwave.com along with your resume in a word format and contact details.
How is the Program structured?
The online training program at Lawwave consists of the following modules: legal research enhanced legal writing, ediscovery, document review/ contract review and patent research. The program is extremely hands on with several live LPO assignments.
How long does it take to complete Program?
It is a 5 week program, with 3 classes per week. In addition to this you will also have 2 weeks online internship, wherein you get the opportunity to work on the live projects with Lawwave, so that you get practical exposure of working in an LPO. Further, during the course, the candidates are subject to various assignments in order to test and enhance their skills.
Who are the instructors for the Program?
Lawwave is the only firm providing training directly from the US and UK, with attorneys and other legal professionals as trainers, who have significant LPO and law firm experience.
I am a working lawyer. Will the class timings suit me to join the program?
Online Program is designed to accommodate the needs of working adults. Classes are scheduled on weekday evenings and weekends, with classes only 3 days a week. This structure allows working adults the flexibility to meet their work commitments and still pursue their education goals.
What happens if I miss a session?
After the session is complete, recorded videos are available for that particular session. So, if you miss a session you will not have to worry as you can always refer to the same whenever you are free.
Would the Program help in landing me a job?
Yes it does. Lawwave assists all its candidates in getting placed by providing resume building tips, mock interview sessions and other career counselling advice. Successful trainees have been placed in firms like Integreon, LawScribe, Genpact, Clutch Group, Mindcrest, TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, Cobra Legal, Unitedlex, CPA Global, Innodata, Mquest, American Express (legal department), Ford (legal department), Kochar & Kochar, Khaitan, etc. You could be called for an interview even before the last day of the program.
If I am an attorney in a foreign country, what would be the advantages in completing the Program?
Lawyers are encouraged to attend the program as it would help them serve as associates and paralegals at various LPO and law firms in US, UK, Philippines ,China ,India and several other countries. Lawyer from such countries have successfully completed Lawwave’s LPO Training program and are working on LPO projects from their home countries.
What are the requirements for enrolling in the Program?
To join our Program, one must be at least a second year law student. There is no maximum limit, as anyone with legal background or knowledge of law can take up this program. The enrolment procedure to the program with a prior registration by mailing your resume with email addresses and phone number to training@lawwave.com. Our coordinators will call you to qualify and detail you on the program
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