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About Us
Lawwave is focused on innovative legal outsourcing.
Our company was founded with the simple idea of reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of legal research and legal support services.
Lawwave is leveraging legal technology, work flow systems and process mapping matrices to deliver data security and quality control for our clients.
Lawwave has pioneered a training program for international lawyers who seek a career in the Legal Process Outsourcing field or corporate legal departments. Our LPO training program establishes an Indian lawyer as a "Certified LPO Professional" and produce qualified attorneys who provide U.S. legal support services in India. If you would like to learn more about our unique program, click here.
Lawwave has offices in New York City and Chennai, India.
Our advanced infrastructure includes multiple T1 lines, telecommunications, a fully equipped computer network, secure premises and a training facility. As of September 2008, Lawwave has a brand new facility in Chennai. We invite you to visit us to see our first-class facilities and meet our talented staff.
Our Team
Our team consists of Lawyers and MBAs from top US Law and Business schools with expertise in designing and executing BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) with Fortune 500 firms. They manage sales and operations.
CEO of industry leading legal firm (Industry leader), law librarian with 25 years of experience (PA and NY Bar certified) and law school professor (Yale law graduate) lead the training of lawyers and quality assurance initiatives.
IT professionals who make sure that process is supported by IT systems 24/7, communications with client is timely, and there is no network or security related breakdown.
Our operation managers have performed in deadline-oriented environment for several years. They make sure we deliver on time.
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