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Basic English Communication (BEC) Training Program
The Online Training program is scheduled for Sep - Oct 2011
Who it is for?
The Online Training program in Basic English Communication is designed to meet the changing needs of the corporate and other offices environments that run on team work and communications. It is meant for candidates who take their careers seriously and believe that good communication and team building skills can have a positive impact on their career path.

Take a look around and you would find that most of your friends are employed in businesses that serve US and UK clients, and in client facing roles and positions. These jobs demand that the new hires have above average spoken and written communication skills. It surprises us when some acquaintance or peer gets selected for a better job than us. Often the reason is better communication and writing skills. It shouldn't be a surprise as most corporations rank communication as the most desired skill, higher than academic merits.

The fact of the matter is that in today's competitive work environment, prospective employees and even long term employees are judged on verbal and written communications. To apply even for start level positions in companies, there are stringent communication requirements. You would notice many companies conducting some type of an aptitude test to test prospective employees on basic understanding of English. Then there are interviews, group discussions, so on and so forth. It is mentioned in several surveys that employees who reach the management level positions, often have better spoken and written English skills compared to their peers.

Convenience of Online Training
Lawwave's online programs can be taken from anywhere till you have a computer with broadband speed. It can be taken from the comfort of your home. This is a live instructor-led program and not an automated online recording or a video that is played remotely. There is no travel, boarding and lodging. Candidates with limited budgets can attend. It's a flexible program and classes are scheduled during evenings and weekends. Recordings of the live classes are available after the classes are over for candidates who miss a class. It is designed for the professionals who want to update their English skills without leaving their jobs and families to attend training programs. It is also an environment friendly program as it does not require you to cause automobile pollution by driving to a location. This course is much more interactive than your typical school or college classes. It is assignment based training that brings the best of the best English communication experts to you.
Why this program?
It is an accepted fact that effective communication is the key to success at all work places. Whether your job profile is that of an IT programmer or consultant or business analyst or lawyer or engineer, all you do in a day's time is communicate your ideas, strategy, plan, project status, achievements with your peers, clients and managers. In today's economy when most of the content is created on computers and messages are sent via emails and phones, effective communication is a must. The Training Program conducted by Lawwave focuses on improving the trainees' fundamentals of English which is the foundation for effective business communication. Communication consists of both written as well as spoken forms. In our training we pay equal importance to speaking as well writing skills. This course will challenge your learning and will introduce learning methods that you have not been exposed to.
Communication Skills
If your profession requires you to interact with people from different nationalities and backgrounds, this course is most appropriate for you. Our training helps you in developing verbal and written communication skills which empower you to interact effectively with global audiences. We all know where we lack but how often do we do something about it? For some of us it is speaking to a large audience that gives us the chills. For others it is putting together a well structured email or a well organized presentation. This program is the opportunity to do something about it.
Writing skills
Want to build on your writing skills? If yes, then this course is just right for you! This course delves into the nuances of effective writing. This course trains you to write effective emails, letters, memos and articles in a style which is more persuasive and effective. With this course you will be more confident about your writing skills. The aim of this training conducted by Lawwave is to help you to dramatically improve your personal as well as business writing. We will take your writing to a new level. You would use better expressions, have better flow and write grammatically correct sentences.
Want to get more impact out of your slides? Then, this is the perfect course for you! Our presentation skills module trains you on how to make your presentations more attractive, how to organize information and how to make your presentation stand out. A good presentation goes a long way in establishing you as a leader and as a resource that your peers would call on.
This course will improve your knowledge and skills in
Sentence Structure and Grammar
Writing skills
Summarizing a document
Email writing and communication
Presentation skills
Letter and resume writing
Verbal Communications-Fundamentals of corporate communication
Legal writing module(lawyers)
Usefulness of this training: Participants can immediately begin to apply their new knowledge and skills in their daily work. You would see significant improvements in
Job search and career building
Corporate communication
Professional email writing
Presentations to clients and management
Verbal response and conference room meetings
Networking opportunities with other professionals
Verbal Communications-Fundamentals of corporate communication
Legal writing module(lawyers)
Classes scheduled from Sep to Oct 2011. If you are a candidate and wish to apply, please email us your resume, email address and phone number to BEC@lawwave.com
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