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How To Register?
A virtual tour of the registration process
  1. Pre-register, with details such as name, email address and phone number along with the resume.

  2. Take a screening test which is meant to test the legal aptitude and legal writing of different candidates who want to participate in the program.

  3. Selection of screened candidates is subject to a limited availability of seats.

  4. Two individual pre-counseling sessions for the registered candidates, where a legal professional assists the candidates with evaluation of their skill set, interests and the job profile that they wish to apply for.

  5. Compressed fast-track training program which has been designed with law students & working lawyers in mind. Contact us for the available class schedules.

  6. Two individual career counseling sessions on resume building & interviewing.

  7. Complimentary LPO Internship for hands on experience in LPO work.
Finally, the well-trained candidates are encouraged to apply to the corporate and LPO's. Corporate sponsors are given a set of resumes of all the trainees as well.
If you are a candidate and wish to apply, please email us your resume, email address and phone number on training@lawwave.com. Someone will call you shortly to schedule a screening test and pre-registration. You can also call the number listed below.
If you are a corporate and are interested in a corporate training program, please email us at corporate_training@lawwave.com.
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