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Legal Research and Legal Back-Office Services                    
The age of internet and modern communication networks now allows high quality legal research and legal back office services to be performed around the world. Our impressive turnaround time and significant cost reductions allow your firm to gain the competitive edge in this rapidly changing legal market. Our unique hybrid model of offshore and in-office attorneys provides around the clock delivery, accurate cost estimates and impressive results. See our Case Studies for examples of past projects.
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How We Help You Grow
Legal Research

We provide cost-effective legal research to both law firms and corporate legal departments across jurisdictions and in various areas of law, including real estate, securities law, insurance law and corporate law. Our attorneys also perform primary and secondary legal research to assist in your case preparation. Working in complementary time zones allows our researchers to deliver for your firm around the clock. Furthermore, our offshore attorneys attend our industry leading LPO and corporate legal training program before they receive approval to work on your project.

Subject Matter Research
Our team of subject matter experts (finance, technology, telecom, medical and biotechnology) performs focused legal research for our clients. We can perform intellectual property research across these fields for our clients because we have access to individuals with demonstrable subject matter knowledge.
Legal Brief Writing

Our industry leading training program, knowledge transfer methodology, and hybrid attorney model allows our attorneys to craft legal briefs in almost any area of law. As a result of our inherent time zone efficiencies, your turnaround time is compressed while you see savings of 50% compared to other providers.

Legal Analysis, Writing & Summarization

We can handle your legal writing, including drafting and review, because our professionals are screened through our legal training program to possess advanced reading and writing skills. For example, we are able to translate dense securities related subject matter documents into plain English, provide annotation services, summarize court cases and summarize of insurance and medical claims.

Case Law Research

Our attorneys use Lexis and Westlaw to research case law and perform secondary legal research for our clients and submit analysis of issues important critical in case preparation. Our case law research is provided to our clients in summarized form, complete with the full-text option for the relevant cases.

Statute Research

Our team researches statutes that impact corporations across various industries, including retail, manufacturing, securities, insurance, medical, energy, technology and compliance. For example, we have provided our clients with research on document retention statutes in the securities industry across all fifty states.

Bankruptcy/Immigration and Other Forms

Lawwave assists law firms in completing bankruptcy, immigration and other legal forms. Certain industries require a high volume of forms to be completed. Lawwave can reduce your costs by assembling a team of offshore professionals to handle such projects, allowing you to increase your profits.

Legal and Medical Transcription

Our team can work with any tape formats or digital recordings to deliver accurate and confidential transcriptions before your critical deadline. We use a combination of technology and subject matter experts to reduce your costs and save you time by providing fast and affordable legal and medical transcription services. Lawwave utilizes our state-of-the-art infrastructure, audio platform, qualified attorneys, subject matter expert transcriptionists and software technologies to provide end to end solutions for your transcription needs.

Court Docket Sheet Research and Analysis

Lawwave attorneys research court docket sheets for our corporate clients to extract valuable information capable of providing an edge to our clients in case preparation and court proceedings. For example, our team has researched PACER docket sheets for information on expert witness testimony to determine whether it was admissible in court.

Compliance Research

We research compliance regulations in our clients’ industries and provide them with regular updates and research to help maintain compliance. We also provide consulting on Sarbanes-Oxley regulations and assist our clients by identifying risks and gaps between existing processes and compliance regulations.

Deposition Summaries
Our attorneys produce quality deposition transcripts that review, analyze and identify the critical facts. Our summarization process focuses on key facts to provide an accurate summary of the main events, dates and witnesses
Legal Case Summarization
Our rigorous training program in writing and summarization produces attorneys capable of conducting large summarization projects which require writing precision, the proper choice of expression and the ability to narrate in a logical manner and focus on the main issues. Our professionals adhere to various stylistic requirements for several of our clients who own legal databases and require case summarization on a daily basis.
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