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Online LPO Training
Please send us a copy of your resume to or contact our training co-ordinator at +91 9962020313 (Chennai & South), and +91 9871909998 (Delhi & North) for further details.


Online BEC Training
Please send us a copy of your resume to or contact our training co-ordinator at +91 9962020313 (Chennai & South), and +91 9871909998 (Delhi & North) for further details.

Recent Updates....

Basic English Communication (BEC) Training Program

We are pleased to inform you that Lawwave is coming up with an Online BEC Training Program, scheduled from Sep 2011, especially for those aspiring candidates who need to meet the changing needs of the corporate and other office environment that run on team work and communications. The Training Program conducted by Lawwave focuses on improving the trainees' fundamentals of English which is the foundation for effective business communication.

On completion of this program the candidates would be more confident and assertive on all of the skills mentioned below.

Corporate communication
Professional email writing
Presentations to clients and management
Verbal response and conference room meetings
Networking opportunities with other professionals
Verbal Communications-Fundamentals of corporate communication
Legal writing module (lawyers)
Job search and career building
Materials and Certificate will be sent through post
Corporate & LPO Online Training Program
Bridging the knowledge and skill
Serving the need of corporate legal departments in South East Asia Carving a new career path for law students and lawyers

We are glad to inform you that Lawwave is coming up with an Online Training Program, scheduled from September 2011, to suit your convenience. This program would possess all the characteristics of Lawwave’s class room training programs. However, the advantages of this program are several. Some of the notable merits to this Online Training Program are;

US and UK lawyers faculty just as in the classroom program.
Longer training duration of 5 weeks + 2 weeks internship program (projects).
Significantly less expensive fee than classroom program.
Cutting edge online streaming video facility enabling face to face interaction between the trainer and trainee.
Save on time and cost...attend the program in the comfort of your home (a broadband connection with 256 bandwith is essential).
Recorded videos of classes available after the sessions.
Recruitment support, resume building sessions and mock interviews, similar to the classroom program.
Increased assignments every week.
Opportunity to have one to one conversation with the trainer.
Effective placement assistance leading to jobs at Lpo’s like Integreon, LawScribe, Genpact, Clutch Group, Mindcrest, TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, Cobra Legal, Unitedlex, CPA Global, Innodata, Mquest, American Express legal department, Ford legal deportment, Kochar & Kochar, Khaitan etc.
Materials and Certificate will be sent through post.

Did you know?

- Lawwave has launched a recruitment portal for the trainees which will display profiles of selected trainees on a daily basis.


- Lawwave offers complimentary LPO project exposure.

- Candidates can get two resume building and two mock interview sessions when they register for the LPO Training Program.

- Trainees resumes will be shared with corporate sponsors and LPO firms to get interviews


Industry Testimonials:
"Leading and managing continuous professional development through relevant and world class training, to serve the need of global corporations truly opens up a plethora of exciting opportunities to young lawyers in this age of globalization "

- Shobhana Nikam, General Counsel, Target Corporation India Private Limited

“A quality legal training can bridge the gap between the demand of corporate legal knowledge and its supply”
- Karthika V., General Counsel, Ford India Private Limited

Trainee Testimonial: “Lawwave LPO trainers are really good and I got a lot of exposure to LPO through legal research and litigation support projects. My career is on a fast track since then.” - S. Rajagopal, 2007 Lawwave Trainee and Supervisor Contract Management, WIPRO

Video Clip of LPO Training Program , September 2008


Legal departments of multinational corporations in India and South East Asia require legal talent that is groomed in international legal practice. Why so? In a global business world legal knowledge needs to be global as well. We will consider two examples. A US multinational corporation having business in US and India will need global legal talent that will understand legal systems in US, research and writing practice that is followed globally and civil procedure in both the countries. A multinational corporation that is starting to do document review and litigation support in-house in India needs its resources to be trained in litigation technology. In common law countries like US, UK and India a lot of procedures and practices are similar. At the same time a lot of the practices differ considerably.

This training program is meant for law students and law graduates who aspire to work at the global corporation's in-house legal departments and LPO firms. It is an effort to bridge the knowledge gap and enhance skills to better serve global multinationals legal talent requirement. This skill gap is of a similar nature that the business side of multinational companies faced some years back running their call center and BPO operations from India and other SE Asian countries. What did they do? They invested in training. Our course structure and material is designed and delivered by US legal professionals and academicians. The popularity of this program is further reflected in the testimonials from the law school administration and corporate counsels of multinational corporations. This program will also provide career counseling, resume building exercise and interviewing tips to candidates.

If you are a candidate and wish to apply, please email us your resume, email address and phone number on Someone will call you shortly to schedule a screening test and pre-registration. You can also call the number listed below.
If you are a corporate and are interested in a corporate training program, please email us at
South India National Capital Region
Lawwave Training Center Correspondence
No-3, 3rd Cross Street, 325, Sector 28, Noida
Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, U.P.201301 India
Chennai - 600 034 +91 9871909998
+91-44-42921205, 9962020313  
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