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1.Do you perform legal research currently ?  
  1. Yes, we perform all research internally
  2. Outsource all research to a 3rd party
  3. We perform most research internally and outsource some specialized topics
  4. We outsource most research and only perform internally on few topics
2.How often are you needing legal research ?  
  1. Never
  2. Very infrequently (once a week or less)
  3. Frequently (more than once a week but not daily)
  4. Daily
3.Who performs legal research in your company ?
  1. We outsource all research
  2. Attorneys do the research themselves
  3. Temps who have little or no legal experience do the research
  4. Paralegals with no law degree perform the research
  5. Associates who are graduates from law school do the research
  6. Combination of c & d
  7. Combination of d & e
4.What tools do you use for performing legal research ?
  1. Internet surfing
  2. Publicly available databases on Internet like SEC website, USPTO website etc.
  3. Our own digital library
  4. Lexis
  5. Westlaw
  6. Other please specify
5.Do you have a format for doing research ?  
  1. Yes we have one set format/template for research
  2. We use different format for different law practices
  3. Attorneys working on different practice areas have their own formats and they are allowed to use their own templates
  4. No we don’t use formats, the research is presented in a random format.
6.Is your research staff trained in synthesizing and summarizing research findings?
  1. No, our lawyers pretty much find relevant material from the research performed by paralegals/associates
  2. Our staff is trained in synthesis of the research findings in a presentable manner
  3. Other please specify
7.Does your firm have 24/7 research capability ?
  1. No, we don’t need it as we don’t have that much work
  2. No, but we can use it to reduce our turnaround time and in taking more cases per attorney
  3. Yes, we have 24/7 capability
8.Does your firm have a defined research methodology. Research methodology means the sources that the researcher goes to and order of those sources, how to narrow down your search, how to find what is applicable to the case at hand from the research that an associate has performed ?
  1. Yes, we have defined methodology and we train associates to follow it.
  2. No, we don’t have a clearly defined methodology for performing legal research.
9. Are the researchers subject matter experts in areas such as criminal law, securities law, intellectual property etc.?
  1. Yes, they research only in their area of specialty
  2. No we can’t afford specialized researchers and so they go across all categories of law
10.How much do you spend on doing legal research on an hourly basis (includes salary and benefits) ?
  1. $10 to $20
  2. $20 to $30
  3. $30 to $60
  4. $60 to $80
  5. $100 or more
11.What is the size of your firm ?
  1. 1-5 attorney firm
  2. 5-10 attorney firm
  3. 10-20 attorney firm
  4. 20-50 attorney firm
  5. 50 and more attorneys
12.How many paralegals/research associates do you currently employ ?
  1. No paralegals
  2. 1-2
  3. 2-5
  4. 5-10
  5. 10-15
  6. 15-20
  7. 20 -40
  8. 40 and more

13.Do your attorneys have significant backlog of work that can be outsourced?

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Both


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